Journal Entries …

Why I Write

Spoiler: It’s not for money Ironically, here’s an entry I had almost decided not to post publicly because I think it’s poorly written. To push passed that self-judgement, here it is! I’ve intermittently kept journals, both on paper and electronically. Unless I’ve forgotten an earlier time, I started journaling in college, as my wife and […]

Using Cannabis for Pain Management and Post-Concussion Syndrome

Some potheads are laughing at us latecomers Once my position at work was eliminated in 2018, I was able to explore the world of cannabis freely. I didn’t have to drive as much, and I had more time in the day to experiment and self-titrate. This was a wonderful opportunity to learn and experience cannabis […]

Cognitive and Emotional Changes After Brain Injury

My journey beyond the physical pain Immediately after the car accident, I felt different. I felt cold, had the shivers, felt angry and light headed, as my new’ish car had just been hit … figured I was in shock. Also thought maybe my blood sugar was low since it was lunchtime. I know my body […]

Fatigue After Brain Injury

It’s a sneaky little bastard I remember the days of mowing the lawn or working extra hard and extra long for work, and what that would do to my mind or body. This periodic “extra effort” would require a nap, maybe a good night’s sleep, possibly a glass of wine or bottle of beer. Whatever […]

Stigmatization and Prejudice

Optimism for the Present and Future When I was in middle school, I distinctly remember asking my mother if one of my good friends could come over and play. She asked who, and I told her his name. She said yes. I added, “He’s black, is that okay?” She said, “Of course, that doesn’t matter. […]